If you have a ration card, this app will especially help you

If you have a ration card, this app will especially help you

Friends, Government of India has launched Mera Ration Card Scheme in 2019, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana were the first to implement this scheme in four states. After which now 17 states of the country have been included in this scheme in 2022. In this scheme, people who leave their state and go to other states for work, such people find it difficult to run their Gujarat elsewhere.

Mera Ration App

Government of India has launched Mera Ration App. Under the One Nation One Ration scheme by the Government of India, this app has been launched with the aim that if any worker of the country leaves his states and goes to other states for work, he will get food grains from the nearest government ration shop in the same states. will get

Features of this app

Migrant beneficiaries will be able to register their migration details through the mobile app.

Beneficiaries can register themselves before starting their journey and the system will automatically allocate the entitled ration.

NFSA beneficiaries will be able to use the app to identify the nearest FPS and check their ration entitlement details and previous six months transactions and Aadhaar seeding status.

Through the application, the beneficiary will know what he is entitled to and need not ask the FPS dealer how much he will get.

Beneficiaries can login to the application using their Aadhaar or Ration Card number.

Currently, this app is only available for Android users.

According to reports, the app currently covers 32 states and union territories, and the remaining states will be added soon.

The Mera Rashan mobile app is currently available in Hindi and English languages, but soon the government plans to add 14 other Indian languages.

If you have any suggestions, you can share them with the government through this app.

Advantages of this app

Every NFSA or ONORC beneficiary can avail through Mera Ration mobile app.
People can easily identify and find the nearest Fair Price Shop (FPS).
Beneficiaries can easily check details of their ration entitlement, recent transactions and Aadhaar seeding status.
People who migrate to another place for their livelihood can register their migration details.
This application has an option or facility through which you can send suggestions/feedback to Govt.

How to use this app

At a press conference when the Mera Ration app was launched, it was said that! Or check the ration cardholder himself through Mera Ration App! Price ration them! He said that this app will be able to benefit people exclusively! Under the scheme of One Nation One Ration, the ration card holder can get your attention from any ration shop in the country! He said that through this app it will be easy for the beneficiaries traveling to know it! Under the Public Distribution System (PDS) around them that ration of ration is very shop! And which shops are closest to them!

Features of this app

Available in 10 languages.

Know your available authorizations.

Register in advance.

Find the nearest fair price shops.

View your last 6 months transactions in one click.

Give feedback and suggestions.

Where to download this app

If you want to download the Mera Ration app, you have to open the Google Play Store in your smartphone.

On the Play Store home page you see a search box.

Please type Mera Ration App on the search box and click on the search icon.

Useful links

Mera Ration App Download : Click Here
Homepage: Click here

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