Need money but can’t get a loan? Now get Rs 2 lakh loan online at home

Need money but can’t get a loan? Now get Rs 2 lakh loan online at home

TOP 5 Online Loan Mobile Application (Online Loan): Are you also looking for an online loan? If yes then you have come to absolutely right place. Today we have brought you some online platforms that provide instant online loans to customers. In our daily life we face such problem at some point of time, in such situation sometimes even banks don’t give loans.

But in today’s digital age, taking a loan has become very easy. Now you don’t have to plead with any bank employee to take loan. Instead, after uploading some of your documents at home, you can take a loan from the company, which you have to repay within a certain time frame.

Using the online platform, you can take a loan of up to ₹20000 from the comfort of your mobile. You can apply for a loan by following the step by step points mentioned by us in the article. Take a loan only if you need it. The websites mentioned by us are among the most reputable banks that are always ready for their customers. Therefore, we should also be mindful of their dignity while using their services.

How to get an online loan?

Through the Google Play Store, you can download the mobile application of these banks within your mobile, which will give you a loan of up to ₹ 20000 by doing online KYC instantly. The Google Play Store is filled with a variety of online payment apps. But most of them are not free from fraud. We have checked and prepared a list of five such top 5 loan mobile apps for you, using which you can get loan without any uncertainty.

Before using the following websites, you must read the privacy policy stated by them. Although we have used the following website ourselves, the guidelines for granting and obtaining loans are subject to change as per the ever-changing guidelines. So you must read the guidelines of that bank before applying for a loan.

Required supporting evidence for taking an online loan

If you want to take a loan through the list of mobile applications given below, in such a case you have to upload the following documents on the website of Online in. If the upload option is not available, then you have to upload the relevant information to them.

PAN Card Number,
Aadhaar Card Number,
birth date,
Account Number (only in case of banking application, do not give your account number, date of birth, OTP, ATM PIN etc. to any other application),
mobile number,
Email Id

TOP 5 Online Loan mobile application through which you can easily get online loan

Kredit Bee App
This app is very easily available on Google Play Store through which customers can take loan from ₹1000 to ₹100000 online. For this you have to first download the application from play store. After this, fill in your personal and bank related information like your Aadhaar card number as asked within the application. PAN card number etc. After your KYC is successfully done by the operators of the application, you will be given a loan by the company as per your bank account.

CashBean App
It is a very famous mobile application which is available on play store. You can also use this app to get instant loans. The CashBean app asks you for your PAN card and Aadhaar card number. Which your bank uses to check related activities. If your transactions with the bank do not go down, in such a situation you can also get an instant loan through Cashbean in a very short time.

BOB Mobile App (BOB App)
Bank of Baroda is a very reliable and old bank, trusted by the people of India. It is one of the largest banks in India with a national footprint. To download Bank of Baroda mobile app you need to open an account with Bank of Baroda first. After downloading the mobile app, enter your account related details like account number, IFSC code etc. After this your KYC is done by the bank through mobile OTP verification. After successful completion of all the work, you can take loan from this bank

Smart Coin App
This app can also be used to get an instant loan up to ₹30000. After doing your KYC, this bank can disburse you the loan as per your requirement. Smart Sikka contact your bank through your documents and disburse you loan after checking your bank activities. If your activities with the bank are positive, taking a loan in such a situation is easy.

Kissht App
This is also a very good mobile app for online loan, you can get loan for 15 days only through this app. After the completion of 15 days, your interest rate increases. The longer you delay in repaying the loan, the higher the interest rate will be. If you are able to repay the loan immediately, then take the loan only through this bank or this agency, otherwise you can take the loan through the above 4 or any other bank as well.

Precautions to be taken while taking an online loan
To avoid fraud, do not share your ATM PIN, account number etc. with anyone.
If a mobile application, which is not your bank’s official application, accepts your ATM PIN or other bank-related information from you, even in such a case you should proceed with careful consideration.
Before falling into the loan trap, you should know about the loan scheme, if you get an annual interest rate loan.

If the interest rate is low, then in such a situation you can take it.
But with loans that compound the interest on the home and the rate of interest is also very high, in such a situation you may become a victim of these agencies, who may later extort the money by forcing you to take legal action.

Loans through mobile or through banks are given only to applicants who have a good account and good relationship with the bank. If you have taken loans from many banks and do not repay any bank loan on time, in such a situation other banks and agencies also hesitate to give you a loan.

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