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www.odishan.com (ଓଡିଶାନ.କମ)- Pioneering Odishan Parampara. Odishan.com (ଓଡିଶାନ.କମ) is the first complete Odia portal on the state of Odisha. Odishan.com is designed to reflect on the contributions and concerns of the Odia people, their language, society, polity, education, economy, business and industry, tourism, citizen services, inspiring success stories and anything and everything that affects them and has impacts on provincial and national public policy. Through news, views, analyses and interactivity, it provides readers with a composite picture of Odisha. Odishan.com is a gate-way for anyone interested in the state of Odisha.

Team Odishan.com

> Rashmi Ranjan Parida
Founder and Group Editor
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Mobile: 09899418992

> Debasish Samantaray
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Mobile: 9438177526

> Prachee Naik, co- Founder

>Sitansu Mohapatra, Founder Member

> Prof. Kamalakant Dash, co- Founder

> Pravuprasad Routray, Founder Member

>Pratap Chandra Pradhan, Senior Editor

> Ananta Prasad, Founder Member

>Rudra Naryan Sahoo, Founder Member