Odisha: International Odissi Dance Festival enters into the 4th Day

Report by DSC_8537, Bhubaneswar : The 4th evening’s performance began with Delhi based established Odissi Dancer Kumkum Lal who performed Yamihe Kamiha Saranam, the asthapadi from Gitagovinda who expressed the anxiety of Radha to wait for the time beyond after being decked.

Sikata Das from Chennai presented a composition of poet Banamali Tore Sarana Gali Re Murali, the popular Odia Janana written by Bhaktakavi Dinakrshuna Das, Jagabandhupari Jane Samnata was displayed by Guru Niranjan Rout with great devotion and emotion by Guru Niranjan Rout. The glorious incidents in Ramachandra’s life were depicted beautifully in the duet performed by Shashwati Garai Ghosh & Priyanki Gupta from Kolkata.

Veteran dancer from Mumbai Smt. Daksha Mashruwala had unique presentation of Maharai song Banshi Teji Hela. Noted dancer Madhusmita Mohanty with her subtle, graceful movements and emotional expressions depicting the love of a man to her newly married wife in Barabadhu written by Dr. Mayadhara Mansingh engrossed the audience for a while. The group composition of Odissi Nrutya Mandal from Cuttack exhibited the different incarnations of Lord Krishna. Guru Gangadhara Foundation had the traditional presentation of Shankaravarana Pallavi in pure dance and Dasavtara in Abhinaya.

Earlier the afternoon session featured Solo, Duet and Group presentation by Triveni (Group) from Cuttack, Nirod Dehuri from Bhubaneswar, Shivani Kanungo from USA, Aishwariya Singhdev & Sanjay Kumar Behera from Bhubaneswar, Prasant Kumar Behera from Bhubaneswar, Amenda Geroy from USA and Puspita Mishra from Bhubaneswar. The festival organized by GKCM ORC under the aegis of Odisha Tourism leaves an impressive mark in the minds of art lovers of the city through the splendid performances of the Odissi dancers from across the State and outside.

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